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Drumming Outside the Lines

Drumming Outside the Lines is a new project that I'm excited to share with you! I've had an idea for many years to come up with a performing ensemble that blends Celtic music with a wide ra [...]

Rebellion Drums Bodhráns

    Hi there everyone! I apologize for the amount of time that's gone by since my last blog post. I've been incredibly busy working on a new joint venture, Rebellion Drums Bodhrán [...]

The 50/50 Rule

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! (now that it's almost February :)) We've finally been able to deal with most of the snow here in DC thankfully. One of the positives about around three feet o [...]

Bodhrán at the Ballet

I recently had the pleasure of playing the bodhrán and percussion book for the Ballet Theatre of Maryland's production of Excalibur. This was an original ballet, based on the Arthurian Legen [...]

Musings on “Musicality”

I recently had the privilege to guest on a couple of tracks on the tremendous highland bagpiper EJ Jones' latest album, The Wandering Stars. Tracking the album in Asheville, NC, and then sub [...]

Session DO’s

Irish Arts Week 2006, Photo by George Keith Playing in sessions is one of the coolest things about playing the bodhrán. However, it can be quite intimidating at first. So, here are Ten Ses [...]

Frequency Over Intensity

Frequency over intensity is a phrase that I use in reference to practicing the bodhrán. I had thought at one point that this was a commonly used term in the general study of musical instrume [...]