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Matthew Bell is one of the world’s top bodhrán players performing today. I was fortunate to record and tour with Matt for many years. What makes him unique amongst many other percussionists is his subtle touch and incredible musicianship. He knows how important breath, phrasing, and listening are to ensemble playing. He also knows when not to play and never musically competes with the melody line. His timing is impeccable when necessary, and fluid when following other instrumentalist’s organic styles of playing. Matt is an incredibly versatile musician, has a wonderful low-key easy-going personality on the road, and a rare gift for teaching. His unique ability to break down the complex is highly valued by the many students he reaches around the globe!
Matt’s videos lay down a great foundation for any player of any level, breaking down everything from technique to rhythms. His review videos also provide an extremely thorough analysis of each product he reviews, while at the same time showing the infinite possibilities each product holds through demonstrations, both while accompanying a tune or on their own.
Marlon Clark, Percussionist, Los Angeles, CA
I have taken bodhrán lessons from three other well-known players. Matt has a structured teaching method I found best; his videos on the bodhrán have exercises that notate stroke styles and rhythm to make learning and practice easy. He also explains how to care for the bodhrán and the best sticks (tippers) to use, and even helped me order one. Matt’s love of drumming and technical mastery from his impressive musical training and experience with different styles of drumming make him a highly effective teacher.
Francesca Constantino, Northern Virginia
Contemporarybodhrán.com is an incredibly comprehensive bodhrán instructional resource. Matt’s videos are well thought out and presented, and will be useful to any level of player.
Jim Higgins, Bodhrán and Irish Music Instructor, The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, Performer, Educator
Matthew Bell is without doubt one of the finest players and teachers of the Bodhrán. His timing, rhythm, and percussion skills are arguably second to none. His instructional videos alone emphasize this! I’m delighted and also proud that Matt chooses to use and promote my tippers!
In his bodhrán videos, Matt Bell has a great way of using simple and clear examples to introduce his audience to the wealth of possibilities this wonderful instrument has to offer. Combining great technical skill with a sensitive way of playing and his openness to all kinds of musical styles, he shares his knowledge about the bodhrán, tippers, and rhythm in a very likeable and capable way. I am very happy about our cooperation concerning the design and production of his BellRod series. Keep on grooving!
Stevie Moises, Tippermaker, Bavaria
Matt has provided us with a comprehensive method for learning the Irish Drum which for the first time gives very specific details on grips and strokes. As a Bodhrán player of 36 years, I believe he has brought me into the 21st Century, and salvaged my playing from the physical injuries I encountered. I highly recommend Matt’s method, and technique, oh, and by the way, he has some amazing chops!
Stephen Brown, Two Time All Ireland Bones Playing Champion, Executive Director Rhythm Bones Society
As a huge fan of Celtic music, his instructional materials are beneficial to those who want to learn how to play. Matthew Bell turns ordinary listeners into Celtic music enthusiasts!
The instructional videos by Matthew Bell are some of the best tutorials for bodhrán players from total beginner to seasoned musician. They have easy-to-follow instructions with clear explanations, examples that take the student through the exercises step by step, and wonderful demonstrations. Contemporarybodhrán.com is great tool for anyone who wants to learn or improve their technique as well as learn about the theory behind it!
Rick Kroener, Professional Musician, Canada
Hey Matthew, I’ve been watching your videos for about a year and you’ve just done a bang-up job. From everything from your website to your videos – it’s really professional looking stuff. So I just wanted to say thanks. Stuff this good doesn’t come easily or cheaply I’m sure. So thanks for helping the bodhrán community. I really mean it. 🙂
Frank Kolarek, New York